Episode 47: Pops

What is the best way to be with someone when their psychedelic trip goes awry? How can you best cope with your own bad trip?? Can these difficult experiences, while seemingly fleeting, have long-term consequences?

In this episode of Psychotropic, say hello to Pops. He recounts a couple stories that make us think about the above questions, and more.

I also announce that, at least for the time being, I will be taking a break from Psychotropic after the release of the 50th episode. It's been a good run, but a little time off is much needed. I'll announce more in upcoming episodes.  

Drugs Mentioned: Marijuana, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Alcohol, DXM, MDMA, Cocaine, Methamphetamine

Music Featured: “Beautiful Bell Forest Delay Melt” by Vox Mod, “Half Awake Half Asleep” by Lost Ghosts, and “Cavern” by Stephen Keech

If you’d like to reach out to tell a story, give feedback, or to just get in touch, you can do so by emailing psychotropicpodcast@hotmail.com.

Thanks for listening everybody.

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